Wonderful World of Meeroos breeding charts below are provided to assist you in breeding your cute, adorable Meeroos. Meeroos, or "roos", are a mythical breedable creature in Secondlife. Meeroos must be at least 5 days old before they are mature enough to breed and produce nests. Meeroos cannot breed with siblings or parents! They can however breed with any roo that is not a sibling or parent and is compatible. A Meeroo is compatible with others for breeding by matching their personalities. They have a 5 day breeding cycle, this cycle has a "rise", "peak", and "fall", the other two days of the cycle they cannot breed. Meeroos also cannot breed for five days after having a nest. Below is the official compatability chart and current breeding cycles.

Compatiblility of Personalities
DiurnalsCompatible with:Nocturnals
MischievousMischievous, Aggressive, Lazy,       
       Impish, Arrogant, Clumsy
AggressiveAggresive, Shy, Mischievous       
       Fidgety, Impish, Arrogant
ShyShy, Friendly, Aggressive,       
       Fidgety, Loyal, Arrogant
FriendlyFriendly, Lazy, Shy,       
       Loyal, Clumsy, Fidgety
LazyLazy, Mischievous, Friendly,       
       Clumsy, Impish, Loyal

Current Breeding Cycles
RiseShy & Fidgety
PeakFriendly & Loyal
FallLazy & Clumsy
2 Day Wait   Mischievous & Impish
1 Day Wait   Aggressive & Arrogant
Remaining time is 12 hours