RooFinder is a simple tool for both the new and experienced roo breeder. RooFinder was engineered and developed by Moxie Polano, Masquerade Ball, Estella Mystagic, and Greg Colossus to assist in finding the perfect match for your Meeroos! All listings on this site are generated through an in-world scanning system that places information into a database that you can search. Wonderful World of Meeroos is not responsible for the sales, prices, or negotiations with the individual or group that lists any Meeroos via the in-world system. Wonderful World of Meeroos also has no control over any land settings that may prevent direct teleporting to any Meeroos that are listed on this site, this is the sole responsibility of the person listing a roo to either ensure land settings are correct or provide other viable means of getting users to the location of the Meeroos listed. We strive to make this information as accurate and useful as possible and will continually look at ways to improve the process when it is beneficial to the Meeroos community. Any bugs, glitches, suggestions, or issues should be written in a notecard and placed into the suggestion box located on the Roo sim at Roo in

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